Prologue III

What relieves human beings after all turmoil? Either ecstatic laughter of sea gulls, or strokes of hammers into copper pieces firmly. Just eyes see crowded bazaars, a craftsman just makes the first sale of the day, pathways are just paced without tiring, and then human misses the peace.

  • 14.11.2016
  • Berkin Şafak Şener

We need to veteran hands for living. From sunshine yellow plains to tile red towns, we are looking on the hands of those weaving the tradition. Shiveringly as whispering his name, human being will look for humane state of the culture curiously.

We admire veteran hands for loving human. As long as bells tinkle in a lively dance tune, Anatolia will be sensed for centuries to one’s heart’s content. In the circumcision feast of the sons of Mehmed IV, the traveler renowned as Evliya Çelebi orders dancer boys (rakkas) with brocaded dress as “those with a great deal of experience, the blows of misfortune”. Don’t find strange if this story reaches to an Epic of Liberation in the notes of the master Ulvi Cemal Erkin. These myths come from the spell of Anatolia.

In a word, fairy tale is half truth half dream. But fairy tale is even demanding, reader! Let’s just call a spade a spade : we feel embarrassment to life unless we endeavor.

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