Old Houses of Erzurum

Old houses in Erzurum smell the history abundantly. Patriarchal family tree pervaded over the rooms designed to open into each other. This large family order consisting of grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and children has been transformed into a life shelter according to the Islamic principles in old houses of Erzurum.

  • 02.12.2016
  • Emelcan Pehlivan

Tandoori ovens, coppers and couches from the gorgeous examples of woodworking… Who knows it was possible for which grandfathers to be able to mention about the years of Turkish Independence War in these couches? This shelter is just like a history wrapped with cloths: cushions, curtains and rugs… Floor table at our elbow, wood heater next to it, teapots ready for tea over the wood heater… If only the guest comes to house; wood heater is fired; tea is brewed for conservation in the sincerity of unexpected guest.

Old Erzurum houses were brought close together in order to show this tradition shelter to guest, traveler and culture fellow. Siyami Bey runs the business. He is telling that he first started to collect whatever belongs to the past with his own hand and fixed whatever he collected and his dreams finally were evolved into this beautiful shelter with his excitement on the first day. An uncle is joining us both reproachfully and gratefully.

He is conveying the words of a seventy-year old uncle in tears who happened to pass here:

I remembered the old times, son. I was born and raised in this house. It came to my mind that my mother called out to me for the first time and my father ordered me to ‘bring wood, son and fire the heater’. I have lived in Istanbul for 30 years. It is an undefinable feeling for me to turn back my childhood memories after many years now.

Shortly and precisely, every room is a sincere memory and a valuable culture heritage from the old times: it is worthy of those heading for here but not those passing by from here.

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