A Timeless Place in Ankara: Papazın Bağı

A haven in Ankara's Gaziosmanpasa neighbourhood... A haven of memories in a beloved city of those who consciously love and live...

  • 01.12.2016
  • Merve Erzincan

It is time to determine the fate of everything; everything changes whatever drifts with the time. Some people are exalted and others are degraded by the time. It creates innovations and devastates ones that do not fit into it. The trends of modern times are doomed to constantly consume us in a hurry, to run after popular brands, to pay a high price for the gloom of small indoor places even in sunny days. Here is, in the middle of Ankara; we are talking about one of the rare structures which can resist time and popular concepts: Papazın Bağı (literally, priest’s vineyard).

With authentic and sincere atmosphere, this large garden where has given the opportunity to breathe for Ankarites without ruining its presence since 1963 stands out against not only popular brands we have only paid for their logos but also against concretion, which is the greatest concern of the large cities. With layered gardens decorated with vine leaves, where you can reach through a small path as soon as you step into the garden; a-century-old plane tree, pine trees and cat, dog and goose roaming around, it is a whole with all of them…

Papazın Bağı is a good shelter for those who want to be purified from the hurry of the city a bit and rest their heads. In fact, there is no even any background music being played in the place; only bird calls and a sweet murmuring of people who are chatting are being heard.

Papazın Bağı is a valuable heritage to Ankara. If you are looking for a peaceful escapade at a time when the importance of such values is ignored, visit there and say a samovar filled with tea, eat home-made pancake, then murmur it:

“the smell of cinnamon on me, the smell of linden on you

we are walking in the streets of the capital  (…)

don’t talk about separation, darling

upcoming month is july or august, anyway”

Cemal Süreya



Photo credit: muammerokumus // CC BY

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