From Adana

  • 14.11.2016
  • Berkin Şafak Şener

Through these roads,

The wolf,

The lamb,

The goat,

The ram pass,

These roads also have a hand in

only who knows the value of them.


Necmettin Yemiş ©

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An Anatolian Town in the Heart of Istanbul

“I feel like living in an Anatolian town in the heart of İstanbul…” says Suna Hanım to express her adoration for Kuzguncuk. What she means by Anatolian town is a place where everyone knows, greets, helps each other, where everyone is equal and together.

Devamını Oku
A Gourd Violin Maker in İstanbul

A Gourd Violin Maker in İstanbul

In the midst of the chaos in İstanbul, the sounds of the music are rising from the hands of Ruşen Can Acet being a young craftsman and musician who was born in Manisa in 1989. When we enter into his workshop which he built in his house by overcoming all obstacles, we are seeing there is a serious work in view, our admiration becomes much more.

Devamını Oku
Prologue III

Prologue III

What relieves human beings after all turmoil? Either ecstatic laughter of sea gulls, or strokes of hammers into copper pieces firmly. Just eyes see crowded bazaars, a craftsman just makes the first sale of the day, pathways are just paced without tiring, and then human misses the peace.

Devamını Oku