Cinnah 19

Ankara brings eyes, which know how to reveal the hidden, to beauty… Blind streets, a wide terrace, an ornamented wall; they appear with a sudden, make people smile. Most of the time, those revealed beauties have a history left behind. The house of a national leader, an old garden of an embassy, a ball room where many projects was embarked on.

  • 14.11.2016
  • Jeyan İdil Aslan

Cinnah 19; is one of the best examples of a modern apartment building, located in Cinnah Street of Çankaya, the central district of Ankara. In terms of its location, it is one of the key points of the city. The street is in the named after Pakistan’s historical leader Muhammed Ali Cinnah. The street was known as Vali Dr. Reşit Street until 1970s. The mayor of that time Vedat Dalokay, renamed the street as Cinnah Street after he had participated to an architectural project and been rewarded in Pakistan. Starting from Atakule to Kavaklıdere square, the street connects Kızılay with Çankaya. The German, Afghanistan, Sweden, India, Hungary and former Yugoslavia consulates are the most important buildings located on the street. Although residental area was predominant on the street in 1950s, recently business offices occupy the street. In any case, everyone happens to pass this steep street coming to Ankara.

Cinnah 19 is located at the very beginning of that steep street, on the left. Two sided 15-storey building has 17 apartments; the building is located perpendicular to the street at the same time it has a view north side of the building. One evening, we as three friends watch the building admiringly. We get inside, go up the stairs and go down the stairs. The idle pool on the roof, the design of its garden inspire us everytime. 

Randomly knocking a door and we want to glance around the room. An old-age couple invites us inside and shows us the apartment. Cinnah 19 comes into our lives with these sweet memories..

With the real name of Cinnah 19 “Meydanlar Müdürlüğü İşçileri Yapı Kooperatifi Apartmanı”, it was built for engineers and architects who had worked in airport. In 1954 the design of the building was prepared by architect Nejat Ersin and his team, the construction of the building was completed in 1957. Cinnah 19; has shared area just like Emin Onat’ın Hayat Apartmanı (1959), 96’lar Apartmanı (1956) in Ahmetler Region and Fikir İşçileri Apartmanı (1957) in Büklüm Avenue. Different sources mention that the architecture of the building has been affected by modern architects such as Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, Lucio Costa and Edward Durrell Stone. The prime minister of that period Adnan Menderes and the president Celal Bayar; had requested to take Cinnah 19 under preservation along with Çankaya Mosque, a masterpiece of Hayati Tabanlıoğlu, however after the military coup in 1960 the demand laid aside. Recently, Cinnah 19 stays as a vivid example of Ankara’s modern architecture hosting business offices and residences in Cinnah Street. Undoubtedly, a must-see for architecture-lovers in Turkey’s capital. 

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